italian design studio

bespoke italian interiors and building design


founded by Patrizia Trento and Michele De Vido,
interno61. is a new platform that designs and delivers
exciting and luxurious Italian bespoke projects 
including kitchens, bathrooms and interiors
to the Australian market.

thanks to the close relationship with Italy’s
finest manufacturers, interno61. allows the clients
to get and enjoy the Italian excellence
in both design and quality.

the well-known Italian flair
is achieved by the combination of
interno61.’s design and the products, all made in Italy.


TM Italia

TM Italia was founded in 1951 in Ascoli Piceno by two craftsmen named Giacomo and Gabriele Tondi. In 1998, their sons Ares and Gianluca implemented the variable matrix system concept for the design of kitchen ambients, an industrial-style process of standardisation that nevertheless permits a high degree of product customisation.
Thus began a model of advanced craftsmanship that TM Italia uses successfully to this day.
The registered trademark “Manifattura Sartoriale Cucine” (“Tailored Kitchen Manufacturing”) is the expression of the brand’s philosophy: a revolutionary project in the kitchen industry that provides customers with the opportunity to choose from a wide range of options and configure their perfect space.
The result is a unique kitchen modelled on the customer’s style and requirements regarding materials, shapes, sizes, colours, accessories and budget. 

In 2016, after visiting the TM Italia’s headquartes and showroom, interno61. have found exactly what they were looking for: a company where the research, innovation, art, technology, high craftmanship and design were the main ingredients to manufacture unique and bespoke products with no set limitations. 



In Mediaeval workshops, the apprentice who wished to join one of the Arts and Crafts Guilds was expected to submit his “CAPODOPERA” (work of art).
In other words, he had to prove, through a particularly precise and accurate
piece of work, that he had acquired a remarkable store of skills, knowledge and credibility. In the same spirit, Capo d’opera meets this challenge every day by creating top-level products offering amazing aesthetic quality and functionality.

interno61. partners with Capod’opera, company based in the heart of Prosecco Hills, Treviso - Italy, for its marked characteristics of versatility and manufacturing perfection that allows to attain the original and personalized results as required by our bespoke interiors.



Durame is an Italian company based in Brianza Italy specialized in modern and design furniture production: furniture, furnishings and objects for the home, each with a precise and engaging personality.
Its design furniture is the result of the union between the great passion for wood working, handed down for generations, and the desire to give shape to new ideas and thoughts, in step with the times.
Its collections with experimental connotations, are composed of unique objects, rich in meaning, that express the values of Italian craftsmanship.
The collaboration with important international designers has given free rein to creativity, to create exclusive furniture products.

The series of unique objects characterized by experimental and meaningful connotations have struck a chord with the interno61.’s feelings: each piece has a different meaning and a precise personality that fully expresses the values of the noble Italian craftsmanship and the limitless potential of the oldest building material.


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