interno61. stems from an idea of Patrizia Trento and Michele De Vido; offering the clients not only a service of building and interior design but also the experience to feel and hence pick the right product fit for the right space and place.
To achieve that, the dedication, the research, the knowledge have been the magic words for the past few years: we have continously traveled back and forth between Italy and Australia to select the companies that could meet our requirements of versatility, distinctivenss and quality.
We have gathered the best of made-to-measure home interiors and kitchens manufacturers, upholsterers, wood craftsmen. As the icing on the cake, we have partnered one of the leading suppliers of designed steel windows and doors, Mogs.

 In 2018, we bought our own house to renovate in the Blue Mountains: this house, once finished, will be representing the completion of our own journey to show how the beauty of the sourroundings offered by the Blue Mountains might combine with the grace of the architecture joined to the poetry of Italian craftmanship.  

Patrizia has completed her Master of Architecture at the prestigious University of Venice. She is a registered Italian Architect.
Over a span of 15 years, her work experiences have ranged from being a project architect in the technical departments of large retail companies to working as associate partner in arhcitectural firms.
The combination of her passion and enthusiasm for the interior design and architecture and the love for Australia has encouraged to establish, along with Michele, her own firm where she can dedicate herself to create and develop unique and ambitious projects distinguished by the Italian flavour and products.

Michele has got his Master’s degree of Engineering in Padova, at one of the oldest Universities in Europe. He is a registered Italian engineer. Though over the years he had been on the road to make a successful career as executive in the real estate development field, in the recent past he has made the decision to swerve on a challanging path towards his own happiness and satisfaction along with Patrizia in Australia. To him, the sustainability of projects and products represents the keyword for a better future.

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